Why Magento might be the right platform for you

You might already have an eCommerce website, but you need an upgrade. When considering new options, you might have come across Magento. If you have any questions about it, our Why Magento might be the right platform for you guide might have all the answers you were looking for. If not, just send us an email and we’ll be happy to chat.

Why Magento might be the right platform for you

8 reasons Why Magento might be the right platform for you

1. Stable platform.
Even if you have a small website to begin with, building a stable platform is a must. The last thing any entrepreneur wants is that the website crashes due to high traffic. This is one of the reasons that well known brands with huge traffic use Magento.

2. Multiple websites with the same backend.
Most eCommerce websites allow only one site per set up. Magento though gives users the opportunity to create independent websites for the products. If you are thinking of running multiple websites while using the backend system, this is the best option for you.

3. SEO friendly.
It has an easier to use SEO package. Internal SEO is important, as we’ve already mentioned in our previous blog post. It has SEO tools, like friendly URLs, meta-tags, and descriptions. From our experience is easier to use than other platforms.

4. Is secured.
We all know the importance of security and Magento is known to be one of the most secure when it comes to online shopping.

5. Is fast.
Magento now only is stable, is also fast. Online shoppers are becoming more demanding as the quality of the websites is getting better. Investing in a fast website will ensure your customers are staying on your website and that they are happy to see more pages.

6. Can grow with you.
As we’ve mentioned earlier, Magento can support multiple websites and can cope with a high traffic. As your business grows, your Magento eCommerce website will grow too. Instead of spending more money and time developing a new website, it can be a better decision to have a scalable solution from the beginning.
You can’t know for sure where your business journey will lead you to. Don’t hinder it by not having a suitable platform that can expand as your business is.

7. Multiple currencies and tax rates.
Do you plan to sell internationally? One of the best parts of being online is that customers from around the world can find your products. So, offer them the possibility to buy using their own currencies. It might make a difference for your customers and, obviously, this will make a difference for you too.

8. Is made for eCommerce.
Magento might not be one of the only platforms made with eCommerce in mind, but it surely is one of the best and one of the most used today. Having an online shop on a platform made for eCommerce means that the whole structure is made with the consumers in mind.

Want to find out more about Magento? Head over to their website for extra info.