Why Lifestyle Pictures are Important

In this post we are going to talk why lifestyle pictures are important. They are important not only on social media, but on all other ways you are communicating with your customers, including your website, ads in magazines, and print. We’ve shared some of our product photography work we did in the new feature on our website called Spotlight.

First of all, let’s talk about what lifestyle pictures mean. Lifestyle photography’s aim is to present a product in real situations, how it would be used or enjoyed. Unlike the pictures taken on a white background, the lifestyle pictures create a more realistic view of the product.

With the rise of social media, bloggers, and influencers, people want to see amazing quality pictures that inspire them. They want to see how they can use the products you are offering them. I think at every marketing seminar the speaker uses the phrase “you are selling a lifestyle”. That is true. From food to cars and houses, people make their buying decisions also based on evaluation of alternatives. This is where the lifestyle pictures make a difference.
Clear, beautiful, inspirational photos give the buyer the opportunity to pick the ones that are in-line with their aspirations and beliefs.

Joseph Joseph rolling pin
Joseph Joseph rolling pin

Why Lifestyle Pictures are Important – Types of photo-shoots.

Photographs with a model are the types of picture that most people think when it comes to lifestyle photography. It obviously has its advantages, as the product is being used, thus creating an image that will make the customer think of her/him using that product. Also, another advantage is that the size of the product is much more easy to grasp from a real-life photography set-up instead of a white background and some technical data.

This is mostly used in the fashion and beauty industry, but more and more, it becomes the norm in other fields too. The prices associated with lifestyle pictures using models are, obviously, more costly, as it involves the model’s fee and other additional costs.

Photographs in everyday situations is the second way to showcase your products. It’s cheaper and it can be very effective too. Our photographer works with an experienced stylist to create the best image for a product. Depending on the product, it can be a simple composition, like the one we showed in this post. It’s a quality product used in a home setting. A keen home baker will immediately see that this product can be very helpful for them: it has guide-marks and measuring rings.

For other types of products we might use lots of props. Have a look in the Spotlight for more examples. The jewellery pieces are presented with drinks, candle, a dessert, some flowers, and a gift wrap. It creates the idea of treating yourself to a gift or buying a special gift for a loved one. The whole set up depicts how a wonderful day would look like.

If you want to know more, we would be happy to have a chat. Contact us, and we’ll discuss your ideas and we can show you pictures of other products we’ve photographed and that, maybe, are similar with what you are selling.