Why Should Brands Work With Bloggers

In recent years, more and more brands started to work with bloggers because they see the value they can bring to a company. So, today, we are sharing 7 reasons why should brands work with bloggers. Or at least, to consider working with bloggers. Of course, to make the most of any relationship, you, as a brand, have to consider carefully if the bloggers you found are the right fit for you.

Why Should Brands Work With Bloggers

1. They are trustworthy.
Unlike adds or editorials in magazines, brands own blogs or websites, the bloggers are freely talking to their peers, without trying to sell them anything (with a few exceptions). This is why they are more trustworthy. Every one of us, as consumers, looked online for a review either on blogs or on review websites. We do that because we trust other people more than we trust brands.

2. Cover a niche based topics not genre.
Unlike traditional publishers, bloggers have their own niche. Besides the obvious niches like beauty bloggers, parent bloggers, fashion bloggers, food, and so on, there is another aspect to consider. Some would focus on affordability and bargains, some on vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle, others will go for the luxury market. With bloggers having their own niche, not only to genre, but topics, then what you are selling will be shown to the kind of people are more likely to buy it.

3. Review products and/or services from their own experience
This can give good feedback for brands when they are looking for improving the products or services they are offering. But, this also is a very important marketing tool. The fantastic part is that bloggers will show how the item works, how the dress looks on them and how they style it, what to expect from a special meal at your restaurant. No matter what you are selling, people would benefit of seeing the product how is used, or give more details on the service.

4. Consumers don’t necessarily want to learn about a brand from the brand itself.
Buyers want to find out about brands from a trusted third party. This can happen because they feel they can relate to the one talking about the brand. Or because they feel the third party is less inclined to sugar-coat the presentation of their products or services, as a brand will obviously do.

5. Bloggers create content that you can benefit from.
That doesn’t mean that you can copy the content they produce on your platforms, without their specific permission, that is against the law even if you’ve sent them the product(s) for them to review it. But, you, as a brand, can share something that a blogger has created on social media. Give a retweet, comment on Instagram, mention their work on your blog, in a roundup. Share a little snipped from their post and link to the post on your social media. This will help you interact with your own followers and, of course, is a polite way to interact with bloggers, that are, of course, your suppliers.

6. They build brand awareness.
Working with bloggers is a great way to do PR.

7. Great for SEO.
First of all, do not pay for follow links, that is against Google guidelines and it is also immoral. But, think that a post a blogger created will be found online even years after that. It can be read and shared, and it brings your brand value.

These are our reasons on Why Should Brands Work With Bloggers. I hope we’ve made you think about this and you’d might like trying it in the future.