Magento 2 Cookie Consent


This is a module for Magento 2 that adds a notification bar to your website, informing visitors about the use and management of your website’s cookies.


The EU compliant Magento 2 Cookie Consent extension adds a notification bar to your website that informs visitors about the use and management of your website’s cookies. The bar has a short sentence and two links: “More info” and “Got it!”. The first one links to a CMS page previously created, containing a cookies management explanation. The second one allows the user to accept the use of cookies.

Cookie consent comes from the EU Directive 2002/58/EC. The directive, which all EU member nations adopted, essentially tasked individual governments with setting up laws supporting cookie consent. The law applies not only to any companies’ websites based in the EU, but also to those that are targeting EU member states.

Magento2 Cookie Consent Features:

  • The extension is responsive.
  • Enable/Disable option.
  • Choose between Top and Bottom location.
  • Edit the display message.
  • Edit the More Information link and text.
  • Edit the Accept button text.
  • Add custom CSS.

Editions of Magento 2 for which Cookie Consent is compatible with:

Community Edition 2.0, 2.1, 2.2

License details are available in: End User License Agreement.

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Supported Platform

Magento CE 2.x