360 virtual tours

A 360 Virtual Tour can show your customers what you do, how your workshop or shop looks like. It’s an effortless way to connect with both, potential and returning customers. More and more virtual360 tours appear on websites of museums, shops and restaurants, local attractions, SPAs, offices and the list can go on. The immersive experience can entice someone to find out more about your brand and business.

We, at Web 4 Infinity, think that 360 Virtual tours can make a big impact on your online presence. A place can become a destination point with the help of a high quality and beautifully made virtual tour. We don’t work with third party photographers; all the work is done in-house.

The 360 panoramic tour we offer can be integrated on your presentation website. You can rely on the tour showing your customers what they can expect even before leaving their homes. We all have been wondering at times how a place looks like, if it’s right for what we had in mind, if the restaurant is perfect for our small party, or if the hotel is what we wanted for our special weekend away. A 360 tour makes these worries go away.

All the photographs are HDRI. HDRI stands for High Dynamic Range Image which means that the picture will be very vibrant. All slides are retouched, making sure that every tour is at the right high quality standard. If you want to show more than one room, our 360 virtual tours offer the possibility of switching from a room to another, to make a seamless experience for your customers.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.