You might ask yourself the question: Why do I need an eCommerce website? The answer is simple, most likely, most of your competitors already have an online presence. With an eCommerce website, they are both raising awareness of their products, while selling their products and making money in the process. In a highly competitive market, being online is vital. It is the only way not to limit your business to your physical location of your shop.

Also, updating the website with the newest technology is just as important. Maybe in the last couple of years your business has grown and you want more from your website, like warehouse stock management or Sage integration.

Even if your company is aimed at business-to-business consumers, an ecommerce can be the solution for you. With the internet boost, the online marketplace is now wider than ever. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to online shopping, expecting the highest quality when it comes to websites.

We are making ecommerce websites that are easy to maintain. Someone in your company could easily be trained to understand how the back end interface (or administration) works. You or your colleague can update the pictures for the products (we also offer product photography) really easy and fast.

All the banners from your website can be modified and updated in-house, when you want, without having to rely on us or any other third party for this. This offers you all the flexibility you need to make sure the website represents your company as you see fit.

The customers can sign up to newsletters, and you can send them updates and offers. It’s a good opportunity for pretail, making your customers aware of your product releases. Want to chat about what we can do? Send us an email.