Product photography

We love taking pictures and we’ve specialized in Lifestyle Product Photography. We know how important is to have exciting images of your products. Images that not only show the items in the best way possible, but images that make the customers long for the items they see. Lifestyle pictures show how a product looks like if it would be used in an everyday scenario.

Why you need professional product photography? Because is the only way to bring more enthusiasm to your eCommerce, CMS website or eBay store.

Lifestyle photography is important regardless if you sell food, jewellery, watches, vases, or chairs. Your customers would love to see how the products look in a life-like situation. Our stylist has experience with all sort of different products and works with the photographer to create the special picture you are looking for. Using an extensive array of backgrounds and props, every photography we take is special.

Our agency is located in Liverpool, but you can send us the products by post. Do send us an email with what you have in mind and we’ll reply soon. Even if you have only a few products in a new range you need pictures of, we are happy to help.