Why Should I Start a Blog for My Business?

Are you asking yourself: Why Should I Start a Blog for My Business? If so, we thought of these 10 reasons why a blog can help your business.

Why Should I Start a Blog for My Business?

1. You can share more about your values.
There are different ways to talk about your company’s values on your website. Though, a blog offers an easier and a more open way to do that. A blog allows you to talk in a friendly manner, in a more approachable way. It’s also more likely that customers will read a blog post, but not a long statement to which you link at the bottom of your home page.
You might want to talk about how much care you put in sourcing your suppliers. Or about what your company does regarding important aspects like avoiding being part of the modern slavery.

2. Talk about new products.
You are excited about the new products you are launching? Talk about them on your blog and share it on social media. Remember our New Shop! update?

3. Think long term.
Every post you make will be on your website long term. It can be searched and found even after a few years, driving traffic to your website.

4. They are better than press releases.
A press release can be boring and not personal. Even more, press releases are shared with the media and not with the customers. While, of course, you should always keep a professional tone, a blog can have a bit more warmth to the conversation, because you are addressing your customers directly.

5. It allows you to connect with your customers.
They can respond to your posts or send you emails after reading something on your blog. If you look into analytics, you’ll be able to see what posts are more popular, hence making it easier to find how to connect to your audience. This way you can answer your customers questions, without them having to send emails or call you.

6. You can use your blog for defending the company against its critics.
Nobody wants to be in that situation, but if your brand is criticized unjustly, you can address these issues on your company’s blog. If the critics you are receiving are fair, then it can be a place where you can share your solutions on how the issues are being resolved. Either way it can be a powerful tool, if you ever need it.

7. You can share timely and relevant information.
You have a special offer? Or a sale? Do you have special delivery information for Christmas? Will there be a delay in sending the orders you receive? Can you send them faster? All these can be mentioned on the blog.

8. Share your expertise.
Maybe you can help your customers imagine new ways of using the products you are selling in a DIY project. Or you can show them how to make the most of the item they bought from you. It builds trust. That leads to the next point.

9. A blog builds confidence in your brand.
It builds confidence because your customers can see what you think and they can relate to that. In return, a blog will create relationships and sales. You can be a reliable resource for information, so they will feel more comfortable buying from you.

10. It is important for SEO.
Having new content on your blog not only can bring traffic when you are sharing it on social media, but it can help with your SEO goals. New content will make your website score better. Furthermore, blogs can naturally inject relevant keywords into your site, not in a spammy way.